Accepted Papers

  • Efficiency Improvement of Neutrality-Enhanced Recommendation
    (Toshihiro Kamishima, Shotaro Akaho, Hideki Asoh and Jun Sakuma)
  • Towards User Profile-based Interfaces for Exploration of Large Collections of Items (Claudia Becerra, Sergio Jimenez and Alexander Gelbukh)
  • Selecting Gestural User Interaction Patterns for Recommender Applications on Smartphones (Wolfgang Wörndl, Jan Weicker and Béatrice Lamche)
  • The Role of Emotions in Context-aware Recommendation (Yong Zheng, Bamshad Mobasher and Robin Burke)
  • Managing Irrelevant Contextual Categories in a Movie Recommender System
    Ante Odić, Marko Tkalcic and Andrej Kosir)
  • An Improved Data Aggregation Strategy for Group Recommendations (Toon De Pessemier, Simon Dooms and Luc Martens)